Panel Glides

Our Panel Glides are some of the highest quality on the market, They are able to be made using block out, view-screen and light filtering materials with the choice of hundreds of colours. Panel Glides are most commonly used for sliding doors as they are designed to cover large areas due to their nature, they are most commonly made with three to six panels. Panel Glides can be used to substitute Vertical Blinds on sliding doors to provide a sense of luxury.


  • Our Panel Glides include a Five Year Warranty

  • Panel Glides are a luxurious substitute for different types of blinds on sliding doors

  • All of our components and materials we use are the highest quality on the market and provide the best looking final product


  • Panel Glides may also be accompanied by a pelmet to cover the white track we offer a 127 millimetre pelmet which comes included with a strip of material the same as the panels provided for the Panel Glide



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Panel Glides


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